"The first concept of a helicopter from my close personal friend L. DaVinci"


HUEY Flight Song

HSL 40 Helo Fly In Video Pensacola 2009

HS Aircrewman

1911 A-1 Triad Flying in San Diego


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Over the years I have collected a variety of helicopter photos. I have selected some from my files and put them here. I am willing to post any of your special shots if you would like to send them to me at the email listed below.

"NAS Fallon Sar Bird"

"NAS Fallon Sar Bird"

"NAS Fallon Sar Bird"

"NAS Fallon Sar Bird"

"Possibly the first UH-46A Rescue"

"Possibly the first Sea King open sea rescue"

"Old Home of HC-7 and Det Cubi"

"A Canadian Forces' Sikorsky CH-124
Sea King prepares to touch down on
Morris Lake during annual "waterbird"
training to practice water landings
following engine failure.
Credit: Cpl. Amy Martin, Canadian Forcesi"

"SAR Unit at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan 1983.
Ron Stone Major USMC (Ret) 2nd from the right."

"HAL-3 Side Number 312 Flyby on USS Midway"

"HAL-3 Side Number 312 Landing on USS Midway"

"HSC-85 Escort Helo for Flyby on USS Midway"

"Marine UH-34 before rebuild"

"Marine UH-34 after rebuild"

"SAR Crew off Vietnam"

"Bob Storck in Vietnam"

"Loading M60 prior to Rescue"

"Firing M60 during Rescue"

"H-2 HIFR Off Small Boy during Vietnam"


"Picture from Phil Poisson"

"H46 Rescue of H-2 Crew 1964 - Photo from James Waldron"

"USS MARS DET in 1969"

"For all of you folks who ever had anything to do with the H-46 "D" model. Last flight took place today. VMR-1 squadron launched 5 aircraft out of Cherry Point for two hours. 3 HH"E"'s and the remaining 2 HH"D"'s. Aircraft flew for two hours and shut down. This marks the last flight for the H46 D model variant. Buno 151912 last to shut down. And end of an era.......... "

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