AT-2 Anthony Hanson - Navy Cross Recipient - Combat Rescue in Vietnam


"Last Army Huey Retired"

Health Care

"Social Security Numbers on Military ID's"

"Additional Money from Social Security at Retirement from Military Service"


Centennial of Naval Aviation

First Centennial Newsletter, June 2009

Second Centennial Newsletter, Fall 2009

Third Centennial Newsletter, Winter 2010

"Fourth Centennial Newsletter, Spring 2010"

"Fifth Centennial Newsletter, Summer 2010"

"Sixth Centennial Newsletter, Fall 2010"

"Seventh Centennial Newsletter, Winter 2011"

"Eighth Centennial Newsletter, Spring 2011"


"First Navy Female Search and Rescue Swimmer"

"First Coast Guard Female Search and Rescue Swimmer"


This site is dedicated to all the Helicopter Crews, Maintenance Personnel, and the support personnel. Also all the family members that kept the lights on while these crews where deployed. I have compiled a listing of web sites and articles to help everyone locate information about Military Services, Veterans Administration, and Veteran friendly sites. Also included on this site are all the links that I have found for Helicopter Squadrons. With this in mind I wish to thank each and everyone of you for your service to your country. Please pass this site to as many local and country wide friends so as to let the word get out.

Military Reunions or Events for Helicopter Crews

"2011 HU/C-2 Fleet Angels Reunion Information"

"2011 HU/C-2 Fleet Angels Reunion Information"

HC-7 2012 Reunion in Tucson AZ.: April 22 - 26 2012:
Contact George Rapoport gprapim@gmail.com (928-279-9559) Cell

HU-1 / HU-2/ HU-4 / HC-1 / HC-5
Old Navy Squadron Info / Articles & Sea Stories

Favorite Military Helicopter Sites

HC-7 Seadevils

That Others May Live

Combat Sar

The Origin of the Helicopter

Vietnam War Commemoration

Subic Bay Memories - current day - home sick

Just Over The Next Ridge - Longhorn's NAS Fallon SAR

Helicopter, Marine Heavy Squadron - 463


USMC Sikorsky HRS Data Base

VC-8 Redtail Country

USAF Rotorheads

HC-9 Protectors

HSC-3 Merlins

HSC-21 Blackjacks

HSC-23 Wildcards

HSC-26 Chargers

HSC-28 Dragon Whales

HU-1 (Number One)

HCS-2 /HC-2 (Fleet Angels)

HC-4 Black Stallions


USMC/Combat Helicopter Association


National Naval Aviation Museum

Navy Helicopter Veterans Association

USS Midway Ready Rooms

HA(L)3 Seawolves of Vietnam

HCS-4 Red Wolves

HCS-5 Firehawks

HSC 85 High Rollers

SAR Model Manager Site (So Others May Live)

HAL-5 Bluehawks

HS-1 Seahorses

HSC-12 former HS-2 Golden Falcons

HS-3 Tridents

HS-4 Black Knights

HS-5 Nightdippers

HS-6 Indians

HS-7 Dustydogs

HS-8 Eight Ballers

HS-9 Sea Griffins

HS-10 War Hawks

HS-11 Dragonslayers

HS-12 Wyverns CVW-5

HS-15 Red Lions

HSL Squadron History

HSL-37 Easy Riders

HSL-43 Battle Cats

HSL-45 Wolf Pack

HSL-47 Saberhawk Country

HSL-49 Scorpions

HSL-51 Warlords

An Organization of Pioneer Helicopter Pilots

Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) Squadrons (HM)

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

Raunchy Red Skins

Fallon SAR Station Photo's

HS-74 : Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 74


Army Helo Demo Team

VC-8 Redtails, Roosevelt Roads PR

HML-367 Scarface

Classic Rotors Helicopter Museum

USAF Helicopter Pilots Association

Airforce Jolly Green Rescue SEA Site

US Coast Guard Aviation History

USAF 21st Helicoper Squadron

US Airforce 432 Drone Recovery

White Hat Airlines

CH-47 (Army, 200th ASHC)

Dash Drone's

Dash Drone's History

Seaprite Central

147th ASHC Hillclimbers

282nd Assault Helicopter Company "Site One"

282nd Assault Helicopter Company "Site Two"

Interesting views of US Helicopter Cockpits

Army Huey #354 Information and Pictures etc.

Vision Strike Wear specializes in custom military t-shirts, etc.

Military Patches for Current Squadrons etc.

Wings & Rotors Museum

USAF Helicopter Pilots Association

VetSignia Sticker & Magnetized Vehicle Plaques

Custom Unit Chip Collectables, Any Unit - Any Logo

HT-8 Eight Ballers

HT-18 Vigilant Eagles

HT-28 Hellions

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association

The Vietnam Era (60s, 70s Music)

All the Worlds Rotorcraft

Dance with a Helicopter

SKY SOLDIERS AH-1F Cobra Demo Team Photo's

Army Aviation Museum

Favorite Civilian Helicopter Sites

Helicopter Association International

Heli-Flite and Aris Helicopters

All the World's Rotorcraft, by an Estonian engineer

American Helicopter Society (AHS) International /Vertical Flight Society

American Helicopter Museum

International Helicopter Safety Team

Shephard Rotorhub Uk

Military Information and Interesting Sites


USS Maury AGS-16 site (HC-7 H-34 Det in the late 60's)

Patriots Point Military History Site

All the Worlds Helicopter's

Vietnam Maps / Area's of Operations

Vietnam Virtual Wall

Naval Aviator Lingo

VA Benefits Information and Site Listing

VA Watch Dog Organization Information and Links

Welcome to The Tailhook Association

Bill Richer's Vietnam Memorial Page

Vietnam War Resources

Home of the Heroes

War is a Ugly Thing -- clarion call to all Americans to learn to debate war in a new fashion.

Social Security (additional retirement benefits)

Cancer & Mesothelioma

Navy Veterans & Mesothelioma


Mesothelioma Prognosis

CVSG-57 ---- VS-37 & HS-2

San Francisco Fleet Week Photo's

On a Wing & a Prayer Military Insignia Jewelry

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)

Official Website of the United States Navy

Army Air Crews

Military Dress Uniforms, Medals and Insignias

Department of Veterans Affairs

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations

Military Retiree Grass Roots Group

Blue Water Navy (Agent Orange Information)

Navy Personnel Command

Military Handbooks

Distinguished Flying Cross Society

Virtual Aircraft Museum

The Military Officers Association of America

The Retired Enlisted Association

National Association for Uniformed Services


The Military Times

The Wall on the Web

Fleet AW Association

Naval Aviation News

Naval Historical Center

SECNAV Counsel of Review Boards

Navy Together We Served

Navy Together We Served Monthly Newsletter

WWII Memorial Site

United States Navy Memorial Site

American Veteran Search

Vet Friends

Stars and Stripes

"A Long Time Ago in a Far Away Place"

"Long Ago - Stories of the Past - Helo Crew Hero's"

"Mission Almost Accomplished"

"First Rescue Up North"

Short video of Pres Johnson awarding the MOH to USMC Capt Pless.
LT Clyde Lassen (HC-7 MOH Recipeint is seen in the background)

"Picture of the Week"

"PRMF SAR Crew Circa 1978"

L-R....Red Dogg Moss, Richard Magyar (RIP), Sam Farei,
Dan Sheedy, ?, Ben Gombales, ?, Vic Grosso,
Tom Brady, Jim King, ?, Jerry Theriault (RIP)...
Can't remember the Question Mark (?) names... If you know the names
please tell me.

"Ribbon Cutting at the opening of the
Navy Helicopter Legacy Exhibit
aboard the USS Midway in San Diego, Ca."

"Full view looking into the exhibit"

"Pioneer Panel in the exhibit."

"Helicopter Sea Command Squadron!"

"Who says you can rock and roll down a hill and servive!"

"Patch of the Week"

"Even had a patch made for the Crash!"

Stories of the Week

"Russ O'Neal Flight Engineer Jolly 37 Rescue Story"

"An Old Guys Perspective on Aircrewman"

"HELICOPTERS in the early days, or,
The Joys of being an Idiot Machine Driver:"

Rotor Head Personal Sites

Seawolf 35, Mel Howell Site

Seawolf 28, Al Billings Site

Seawolf 16, Dr. Art Schmitt Site

Helicopter Pilots and Aircrew Tribute Sites

First Marine Helicopter Pilot -- Marion Carl

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